At TES Energy Services, it is our goal to make sure your home or organization uses energy in the most efficient way possible so that you avoid needlessly wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars per month on your energy bills.



"On behalf of Regency Centers, I wanted to thank your company  for providing us with a smooth transition of electrical services to a new deregulated provider. Honestly, we were concerned in the beginning about possible down time of services at our Shopping Centers during the transition. The end result proved flawless.” – Regency Centers


“TES has provided ClubCorp with a much larger market-view than if we were attempting the same coverage in our “spare” time. TES stays abreast of current conditions and has notified us of market dips months prior to our contract expirations. A partnering has developed with you for us to achieve the best pricing with the least risk. I want to thank you.” – ClubCorp



"I want to express my thanks for the fantastic job you did in saving our church money. We just signed up with the co-op on Wednesday, and by Friday, your company saved us over $883.00 a month on just our electricity. I wish I had signed up with your company sooner. We are so grateful for the speed at which you took our account and negotiated this great savings." - Bear Valley Community Church


"I engaged John to investigate ways in which we could reduce energy costs for our facilities. The negotiation was performed in a prompt and professional manner resulting in a considerable reduction in energy costs over the past few years for our ministry." - The Potter's House


"Mr. Blunt has been associated with our dealership for 15 years now as our energy consultant. He has done an outstanding job keeping our costs down and is now servicing all of the John Eagle Dealerships. He is very attentive to our needs and is excellent at the follow up. I would highly recommend TES." - John Ingram, President, Managing Partner, John Eagle Dealership


"Sherman ISD began working with TES Energy Services when Texas electric deregulation began. Mr. Bono’s knowledge and expertise in the electric field has greatly assisted Sherman ISD in obtaining competitive proposals which have saved the district money with operating costs." - Sherman ISD


"Champion Forest Baptist Church has been using TES Energy for many years. We feel that they have saved of 10’s of thousands of dollars a year on electricity. I used to rush around trying to figure out who to sign with and when to sign. Now when the market is right, John gives me a call and says now is the time to sign and this is who you need to sign with. I would recommend them to any organization, great people to work with!" - Champion Forest Baptist Church


"Since November 2008, Faithbridge Church has used TES Energy Services, LP, as a resources for negotiating our energy provider services. We have been very pleased with their results. They have obtained for us the best information and negotiations with regards to our energy service providers." - Faithbridge Church