K-12 Schools and Higher Ed

TES Energy Services has provided the right energy solutions to educational institutions (K-12 schools and higher ed) for the past 18 years. We understand the nuances and requirements of education and work within them to ensure the best price and right contract is made available.

Many schools still operate in buildings and facilities that were constructed long before energy conservation and efficiency was top-of-mind. This results in excessive energy usage that demands the most competitive rates to keep costs down.

With our significant Group Buying Power and close relationships with an array of Retail Electric Providers (REPs), TES Energy can secure the right provider, contract terms and rates for schools and higher ed institutions of all sizes.

Energy Procurement

TES Energy Services removes the guesswork out of selecting the right energy solution. We work to procure the best prices and most favorable contract terms available in the marketplace.

Contract Negotiation

To help ensure you get the most favorable energy contract terms available, the TES Energy professionals work with customers to not only secure the best energy options available, but they do the heavy lifting—negotiating the contract on your behalf.

Power Factor

As it relates to electicy, power factor refers to the calculation of power placed on electrical circuits. While it may sound counterintuitive, low power factors use more current than systems with a high power factor.

Exclusive Power Buy Aggregations

Because TES Energy Services places over a billion kWh annually with Retail Electric Providers (REPs), we’re able to aggregate and leverage that Group Buying Power, then deliver savings and the best contract to you.

Demand Side Management

Maximizing savings by developing strategies that address energy use during different times of the day or days of the week.

Energy Savings Analysis

TES Energy Services can provide customers with a no-cost, detailed analysis of their energy consumption and rates, then compare them to what is currently available in the marketplace.

Power Factor Corrections

Let the TES Energy consultants help ensure you're using electricity as efficiently and economically as possible.

Lighting Retrofitting

One of the many TES Energy Consulting Services includes Lighting Retrofitting, which identifies fixtures that are increasing your energy consumption and monthly bills. They analyze and make recommendations to help ensure customers are using energy in the most economical way possible.