Which services will help your organization? At TES, we offer you a comprehensive selection of energy consulting services to help you reduce your costs. Our team of certified energy consultants will help you identify the best solution available from our service selection.



Energy Procurement

Competition among private companies has skyrocketed since deregulation in 2002. We can help you find and negotiate the best deal after securing competing bids from our extensive provider network. Click here to learn more about our Energy Procurement services.


Contract Negotiation

Are you really getting the best deal available with your current energy contract? Our experienced consultants can help you find out. And if you are not, we will help you negotiate a better deal. Learn more about our Energy Contract Negotiation & Management services.


Rate Analysis

We will help you identify ways to reduce your energy usage and pay less for the energy you currently use. Learn more about our Rate Analysis & Monitoring services.


Power Factor

You could have unused power bouncing around in your system, or an electrical system that does not make the best use of the power you have. Our professional energy consultants will help you identify and correct these problems and save money. Learn more about our Power Factor correction services.


Lighting Retrofitting

Does your organization use outdated, inefficient lighting fixtures? Have you ever audited the electricity your lighting uses? You could be wasting more electricity and money than you think. Learn more about our lighting retrofitting service.